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Dodgeland Yearbook Information as of April 22, 2020

Dodgeland Yearbooks are still being created and printed for the 2019-2020 school year! When we know a ship date for the Elementary Memory book and the Middle School Flashback, we will post dates and how they will be distributed. 

The High School Reflections book is still being created and printed also. You can still order your Dodgeland High School Yearbook online at, deadline to do so is May 30, 2020. *If you participated in the fundraiser in the can mail your order to the school in care of Yearbook Staff. There is no way to order online at your discounted price. Questions about this, please email Ms. Lee.  

Senior students we are still planning you section in the yearbook: 

-Senior picture and baby pictures-should already be submitted. 



-Senior Awards

Please make sure you are checking for emails from: Ms. Lee, Selena N., Mrs. Schreier and Mrs. Johnson. 

Senior Parents, if you would like to still purchase a Senior Personal, you can do so. Click this link to view/print the form. We are extending the deadline for getting this information in until May 15th. This is the same form that was mailed home in February. These will need to be mailed to the school in care of the Yearbook Staff. Questions about these, please email Ms. Lee.

Ms. Lee, Email:

Name of book: Reflections

Created by: High School Publications class (Skeleton Crew)
Coverage: Complete school year 

Distribution of 2019 Yearbooks: Open House, August each year. After open house contact the HS Office and we will have your book ready for pick-up.

Each Fall we have a school wide (DHS) fundraiser. Starting October 8th and Ending October 22nd. Students who wish to participate and sell $150 in items, earn a FREE Dodgeland High School Yearbook! 

Order forms for 2020 Yearbooks will be at Open House and distributed in Aspires. If you would like to purchase a book online please click to visit the Jostens website. 

Dodgeland High School Yearbooks are $55 and final orders are due: May 31, 2020.

Senior photos are due March 2, 2020. You can submit a digital photo to or submit a printed photo and we will scan and return. If no photo is submitted we will use a school ID photo. 

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