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Anticipated absences require students to bring a note from their parent or guardian to the office 2 days prior to the scheduled absences.  Students must inform MS/HS office of the anticipated absence.  All assignments are the responsibility of the student.  Anticipated absences are allowed for the following reasons: family activities and pressing personal business.   Any student NOT following the above procedure, may be marked unexcused and teachers are NOT required to allow students to make up work missed for that day. Days missed due to deer hunting will only be excused if the student has not met or exceeded the 10 allowed days of absence within that semester.


Schools are required by State Statute (118.15) to observe the compulsory education law which requires all students to attend school regularly until the end of the school term, quarter or semester of the school year in which the child becomes 18 years of age.  Regular attendance is an important element for your success and is the responsibility of parents/guardians and the students. 

The following reasons are considered JUSTIFIED EXCUSED ABSENCES. The student, will be permitted to make up missed worked:                

1.       PERSONAL illness

2.       Serious illness or death in the immediate family

3.       Religious observance

4.       Required court appearance

5.       Health appointments

6.       Special cases of an emergency nature at the discretion of the Administration


1.       Students are expected to attend all of their classes daily and remain in the school from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

2.       Students who are absent or tardy are to have a parent or guardian call the school office at (386-4404 ext. 1019) or email, before 8:30 a.m. to inform school office personnel of the student’s absence AND reason for it. If you wish to request your child’s work for the day to be picked up after 12:00, please try to notify the office no later than 7:30 A.M.

3.       Parental and medical excuses must be called in within 5 days of the student’s absence or it will be recorded as an unexcused absence.

4.       Students who are tardy to school are to immediately report to the school office upon arrival.

5.       Students who must leave the building during school hours, are required to provide a note signed by a parent/guardian prior to the start of the school day to the MS/HS office. The student will receive a pass to be shown to the teacher who will release the student at the appropriate time, and the student will then sign out in the office.  Students who become ill during the day will need parental/guardian permission before signing out in the office.  Whenever possible, your parents are encouraged to make doctor or dental appointments when school is not in session.

6.       Students should not arrive at school before 7:40 A.M. unless they are meeting with a staff member.

7.       Students who are not active in after school activities, must leave the building at the end of the school day.

8.       Students who are ill or truant are not allowed to attend extra-curricular activities. (i.e. sporting events)

The following reasons are considered UNEXCUSED ABSENCES:

1.       TRUANCY: (including skipping an individual class), leaving the closed campus school any time during the day (including lunch time) without prior administrative approval.  Any appointments other than medical or emergency situations will be considered unexcused absences unless excused by administration i.e.: oversleeping, car problems, etc. Teachers are not required to allow students to make up work missed due to a truant unexcused absence. The student is notified of his/her truancy and may result in parent notification.

2.       EXCESSIVE EXCUSED/UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: For the purpose of this section, excessive excused absences shall mean a student who is absent from school for part or all of 10 or more days on which school is held during a school semester.  Upon written notification of the student’s excessive absences, a written statement from a doctor WILL be required the day the student returns to school from his/her illness henceforth.  Absences not accounted for in this manner will be considered unexcused.

3.       TARDINESS: Tardiness is defined as not being in the classroom, “two feet in the door” at the end of the bell and/or criteria set forth by the individual teacher outlined in their syllabus.

On the 4th tardy per nine week period = Advisory discussion with student and letter mailed to parent/guardian.

5+ tardies per nine week period = Parent notification and assigned detention, either 30 or 60 minutes in length

10 tardies = Parent/student meeting with associate principal/principal.

Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) developed if behavior continues.

Tardies will be monitored with detentions assigned on a weekly basis.  Tardy totals will start over at the beginning of every quarter.


Consistent and persistent willful violation of the school attendance policies will result in appropriate disciplinary action and legal referral for Habitual Truancy, which is defined as missing part or all of 5 or more days on which school is held for the semester.

The law provides new dispositions to the court including: suspension of driver’s license; an order for the student to participate in counseling, community service, supervised work program; loss of work permit, or to remain home except for religious worship or school programs.


The time allowed for make-up work will be equal to the time absent; i.e. if you are absent (4) days, the student will be given (4) days to make up the work.

Advance Make-Up Work for anticipated absences lasting more than three days must have a parent/guardian note/contact in the MS/HS office. Parents/guardians need to be aware that absences of this nature may adversely affect your child’s learning and grades.

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