Letter of Recommendations Form

Letter of Recommendation Form

The Letter of Recommendation Request Form can be submitted to teachers, counselors, coaches, administrators, or any employee of the Dodgeland School District.  Before you complete the form, consider the following: 


Letters of recommendation are an important part of college, scholarship and employment applications. Read your application materials carefully. Applications may require two or three letters of recommendation. In most cases, send no more than three letters of recommedation. 


If an application does not specify who you should ask for a letter of recommendation, generally two of your letters should come from teachers who can speak to your academic ability and personal qualities. The third letter could be from a person of your choice. This should be someone who can speak objectively about your strengths - another teacher, counselor, coach, clergy member or work supervisor is a better choice than a relative or family friend. Consider who you are asking to write your letter of recommendation. Can this person be objective about you and write a letter that will help you?


It is important that you personally ask the individual you would like to write your letter of recommendation. Asking for a letter of recommendation may seem awkward or difficult, especially if you have not developed a significant relationship.  Your school counselor, advisor or teacher can help you decide who you might ask.

A letter of recommendation is an important part of any college, scholarship, or employment application.  Be thoughtful, honest, and thorough in your answers to the questions below. The quality of your recommendation letter will reflect your efforts.

Please use the following link to access the Dodgeland High School Letter of Recommendation Request Form: 


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